Multiple applications .... outstanding reliability

Examples of applications


> Locking Issues radiology

> Injections of drug dosage and nebulizers

> Ventilation control on ventilators

> Layout and held in position operating tables

> Controls clampers on dialysis machines


> And why not your appalication here?

Locking for radio lifts



This power failure resistant lock (security lock) developed according to specifications from General Electric Medical Systems can be used to select the angle and maintain the position of the heads of a range of x-ray equipment.

This security feature required the locking bolt position detector to be integrated into the actuator.

This double detection system means that information can be relayed to an operating system.


Respiratory support

Developed according to client specifications, this MECALECTRO actuator is an essential element in the proper functioning of the ventilator. The product meets the most stringent requirements related to this field of application.

Designed specifically for the Air Liquide Healthcare division, this electrodynamic moving coil actuator regulates the flow of air through the ventilator. Directly linked to the adjustment settings it is capable of extremely short electrical and mechanical response times.

It is perfectly adapted to the constraints related to this type of application:
> No degasification of components
> Reduced power consumption
> Millions of operations
> Absolute reliability
> Compact design

Non-invasive analysis


The actuator is used in a non-invasive way to measure liver stiffness, which is an effective marker of the quality of the hepatic parenchyma.


To do this the actuator generates a wave which propagates through the liver tissue. A built-in sensor in the controls, in return measures the attenuation of the ultrasonic waves, which depends on the viscosity of the medium in which they are propagated, and therefore the excess fat in the liver (steatosis).


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