AE.G 32.01.03 - Race 12mm


Electrodynamic moving coil actuators (Voice-Coil technology). The force and the moving direction depend on the injected current.

Power: DC
10s peak strength (N) 16
Continuous force (N): 3
Coefficient (N / √ W): 1.21
Standard voltages: ± 48V peak
Resistance (Ω): 8.3
Degree of protection EN 60529: IP 42
Weight (g): 150
Insulation class: B
Ambient temperature: - 5 ° C, + 40 ° C
Standards: NF C 79300
Markets: Medical, Automation, Industry Aerospace - Military


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Reference  AEG320103
Use  Pilotage
Stroke (in mm)  12mm
Force constant (N/A)  3,5

Dimensions (in mm)

 Ø 30 x 54

Operating Principle

The actuator is composed of a magnetic circuit with a permanent magnet that produces a magnetic field in the air gap. A coil solidly fixed to the force dive shaft is placed in this magnetic field.

The current flowing in the coil reacts with the magnetic field and thus positioned, produces a mechanical force which is transmitted through the control shaft.

The direction of this force depends on the current and the voltage polarity.